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Focus on the development and application of distributed audio and video integrated management platform and distributed agent system

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Based on scientific research and innovation, AVCiT is a Chinese high-tech enterprise, software enterprise, and Guangzhou enterprise research and development institution. It is the first to adopt “blockchain-like” technology in China. It developed a non-centralized server and completely decentralized “distributed System”, as early as 2015, it passed the acceptance of innovation projects of Guangdong Province and Guangzhou City. In 2016, it was awarded the Guangdong Provincial Distributed Audio and Video Intelligent Engineering Technology Research Center by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology. It is also a distributed field The only company that won the National Finals of the China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

The AVCiT Distributed System is the first to achieve large-scale commercial use in China and has the most landed projects. At present, it has been widely used in command/dispatch/control centers and conference room clusters in many fields related to national security and people’s livelihood development, providing core centers of various industries The unique value of the solution, helping to achieve efficient resource utilization, scientific scheduling, precise decision-making, and social fairness and justice, has been widely praised!

Recent awards: Best Integrated Intelligent Command and Dispatch Solution, Excellent Smart Emergency Solution Provider, Best Innovation Driven Solution Award for Law Enforcement Industry Informatization (Smart Emergency), and other honors.

Development Path

Infocomm China, the first and only in the industry to officially release the first-generation distributed product-DS1.0 based on the research and development of “blockchain-like” technology.

Won the national high-tech enterprise certification, realized the fully seamless switching mixed insertion matrix.

Released the second generation of distributed products – DS2.0, realizing 4K technology application, cross-regional, interconnection.

Distributed audio and video transmission and switching system, intelligent central control host, fully seamless high-definition intelligent mixed insertion matrix successfully applied for high-tech products in Guangdong Province.

It is the first to realize the integration of powerful system functions such as visual management, KVM seat collaboration, image switching, large-screen splicing, long-distance transmission, audio and video matrix, control management, projection fusion, etc. into a distributed (serverless) solution.

The first to break through the bottleneck of distributed LED display applications, and the first to realize “large-scale application of distributed direct LED small-pitch splicing technology (no splicer required).

The first in the industry to realize the integrated solution of IP seats and fiber optic seats.

Patented computer screen codec technology realizes low bit rate, low bandwidth, extremely low delay, high-definition picture quality, 4:4:4 lossless end-to-end transmission.

At the Infocomm·Beijing exhibition, the “AI somatosensory scheduling control” technology was officially released, and the original “ASE computer screen coding technology” of Magic Vision was officially released. One network cable can transmit 50 channels of 4:4:4 high-quality signals at the same time.

Official release of immersive interactive paperless system based on distributed architecture.

Patent Certificate

Large-screen interactive control method based on visual recognition of human body posture and gesture posture

Video signal seamless low-latency switching method

Image processing method

Image processing method

Remote control video control system

Remote control video control system

Adjustable height joint fixture

Fiber KVM system with dual backup function

Intelligent agent system

Distributed KVM agent collaboration management system

Distributed KVM agent collaboration management system

Distributed Fusion System

Computer distributed management system interface

Computer distributed management system interface

Conference speech unit

Conference speech unit

Hybrid Matrix Switcher

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