KVM & Video Wall Control Room

Revolutionizing AOC at Singapore Changi Airport

To create a stable, efficient, and convenient AOC environment, the Singapore Changi International Airport has implemented AVCiT’s cutting-edge technologies. Notably, the airport relies on AVCiT’s IP Video Wall Controller DS.serie for seamless audio and video transmission and display. Additionally, the IP-Based KVM DS.serie is employed for efficient KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) control.

In an AOC setting, stability is of paramount importance, as operators must ensure uninterrupted 24/7 management and monitoring of multiple business systems. AVCiT’s IP Video Wall Controller and IP-Based KVM systems utilize a serverless B/S architecture, eliminating the risk of system crashes caused by architectural issues. Moreover, each node (encoder and decoder) is equipped with power backup, network backup, and video input/output backup features. Furthermore, the systems support the use of multiple nodes for backup, enabling automatic switching during emergencies, thus ensuring the uninterrupted operation of the AOC.

Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore Changi International Airport ranks among the world’s top ten busiest airports, facilitating seamless connectivity for over 120 international airlines across 100 countries and regions, encompassing 380 cities. With a remarkable weekly flight volume exceeding 7,400, it efficiently manages a significant influx of passengers, flights, and air cargo.

The Singapore Changi International Airport AOC acts as the central nerve center, overseeing the airport’s flight area. Its core functions revolve around supporting daily operations, ensuring safety production, and providing indispensable service support. AOC operators proficiently manage critical systems, including CCTV monitoring, airway and flight information, as well as airline operations.

AOC for Baiyun Airport Apron Control

guangzhou baiyun airport

Guangzhou Baiyun Airport is a major international hub in China, connecting passengers to destinations worldwide. With modern facilities and efficient services, it plays a crucial role in promoting trade and tourism in the Guangdong region.

AVCiT IP Based KVM enhances collaboration and remote security monitoring in Baiyun Airport’s AOC control room. It creates a real-time audio and video interaction platform, optimizing apron control with a dynamic map. This intelligent system efficiently manages aircraft operations, elevating apron operation’s efficiency and safety.

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