KVM & Video Wall Control Room

Renewable Energy Integrated Monitoring Center by AVCiT Solutions

The Renewable Energy Integrated Monitoring Center of KOMIPO benefits from the installation of AVCiT’s IP Based KVM system. This advanced system empowers operators to remotely manage multiple server signals, including photovoltaic power generation (PV), energy storage systems (ESS), and CCTV systems, using a single set of mouse and keyboard.

The implementation of AVCiT’s IP Based KVM system has significantly optimized workflow and enhanced operational efficiency at the KOMIPO Renewable Energy Integrated Monitoring Center. Operators can effortlessly transmit signals to a large screen in real-time, utilizing either a keyboard or an intuitive control tablet.


KOMIPO (Korea Midland Power) plays a vital role in the Republic of Korea’s energy landscape, responsibly supplying 13% of the nation’s domestic electric power. With major power plants strategically located across six different regions, KOMIPO ensures reliable and sustainable energy generation throughout the country.

ATT Tanjung Bin Control Room-Oil Depot Dispatching Center, Malaysia

energy oil & gas

Malaysia, the second-largest oil and gas producer in Southeast Asia and the third-largest LNG exporter globally, relies on its energy industry as a key driver of economic growth. With ambitions to establish itself as a regional energy center, Malaysia aims to integrate storage, trade, and development while leveraging emerging technologies and downstream services to enhance its national capabilities.

Located in Johor, Malaysia, ATT Tanjung Bin (ATB) is a prominent mixing station offering comprehensive and seamless mixing services. Boasting a tank capacity exceeding one million cubic meters, ATB is a vital storage facility within Asia’s thriving energy hub.

AVCiT collaborated with Israk Solutions to develop an innovative “All-in-one smart energy control room solution” for ATT Tanjung Bin. This solution integrates IP video wall control and smart KVM technology, simplifying installation, usability, and maintenance.

The stability of the image distribution and transmission system is crucial for real-time monitoring of oil and gas in the ATT Tanjung Bin Control Room. AVCiT’s solution ensures reliability through PoE+ power redundancy and transmission over the existing 1GB network, eliminating the need for additional wiring. With a decentralized architecture and no centralized server required, the system becomes more stable and reliable.

The control room features a 3×6 LCD display wall for daily oil and gas status monitoring. AVCiT’s IP video wall control allows intuitive drag-and-drop management of monitoring signals. The visualized control tablet provides an immersive user experience, allowing easy signal switching, resizing, and one-button preset recall for complex scenarios.

Operators in the control room are equipped with multiple monitors and remote access to their multi-head graphics card servers. The HEVC+FPGA-based video coding technology ensures an exceptional user experience with low latency, enabling quick response and decision-making for abnormal oil and gas status.

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