KVM & Video Wall Control Room

Government Emergency Operations Centre in Jakarta

A Government Emergency Operations Centre in Jakarta has implemented a visualized Video Wall Control system, powered by AVCIT’s IP Based KVM system. This comprehensive solution includes an intuitive video wall control and KVM matrix system, enhancing the operational capabilities of the center.

With the video wall control feature, operators can conveniently send signals to the video wall using an iPad, ensuring seamless display of critical information. The offline switching function allows operators to plan and finalize the video wall layout offline, ensuring only the confirmed layout and signals are sent to the video wall.

AVCIT’s latest visualized KVM OSD has been integrated into the Emergency Operations Centre, providing a user-friendly interface. The KVM Control Panel displays live previews of signal sources, allowing operators to double-confirm every operation. This visualized approach ensures accuracy and enables operators to access servers efficiently.


MOSPA to Set Up Disaster Status Control Center by AVCIT's Matrix


AVCIT’s esteemed partner in Korea has been authorized by the Ministry of Security and Public Administration to serve as the Pro AV contractor for the Disaster Status Control Center. This significant project involves the utilization of 2 conventional modular matrix switchers and an array of HD over UTP devices.

AVCIT’s highly regarded HD7272 modular matrix switcher, which has been validated through numerous successful implementations, plays a crucial role in the Disaster Status Control Center. This cutting-edge switcher allows independent cross-point switching from 72 inputs to any or all of the 72 output devices. It effectively handles a vast amount of video information during critical situations, facilitating timely response and control.

While IP-based matrix technology has been available for several years, conventional centralized matrix switchers remain popular for commercial and military purposes worldwide. Mr. David Yee, Vice President of AVCIT Electronics, emphasized the enduring appeal of conventional matrix switchers, citing their cost efficiency and exceptional stability. AVCIT continues to prioritize customer satisfaction by offering reliable solutions that meet diverse needs.

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