AVCiT – The First AV-Over-IP Share in China Stock Market


On August 8th, with the ringing of the listing bell, Guangdong AVCiT Technology Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation: AVCiT Technology, stock code: 001229) officially landed on the main board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, opening a new chapter in the capital market. Leaders of Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government, Guangzhou Local Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau, Guangzhou Baiyun District Committee, District Government, Street Government and other relevant departments; regulatory agencies; intermediaries; shareholder representatives and Chairman and General Manager of AVCiT Technology Mr. Hua and the company’s management team attended the listing ceremony to witness this historical moment together!


At the beginning of the ceremony, Mr. Zhang Zhaoyi, Chief Risk Control Officer of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, expressed his congratulations and warm welcome to AVCiT Technology’s successful landing in the capital market through remote live broadcast!

Mr. Qiu Yitong, secretary of the party group and director of the Guangzhou Local Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau, read out the congratulatory letter from the Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government, expressing his warm congratulations to the successful listing of AVCiT Technology, and sincerely hope that AVCiT Technology will take the listing as an opportunity to give full play to the financing function of the capital market and actively comply with the The development trend of networking, visualization, and high-definition in the professional audio-visual industry, continuous improvement of product functions, product performance and user experience, will make greater contributions to Guangzhou’s accelerated digital development and the establishment of a world-class smart city!

Mr. Pan Zhijun, Mayor of Baiyun District, Guangzhou, congratulated AVCiT on its successful listing in the A-share capital market. He said that as an excellent private enterprise “born and bred” in Guangzhou and an innovative leader of the new generation of information technology industry in Baiyun District, AVCiT Technology has always focused on the field of audio and video intelligent transmission control, insisted on independent research and development, design and production, and led the industry trend with innovation . Especially since entering Baiyun in 2020, the output value has doubled, making positive contributions to the high-quality economic development of our district.

It is hoped that AVCiT Technology will take the listing as a new starting point, take advantage of the capital market to accelerate its development, continue to refine, grow bigger and stronger, and return society and investors with more excellent results. The district committee and the district government will continue to support the innovation and development of enterprises, establish and improve the echelon support and cultivation mechanism for listed enterprises, and make every effort to create a first-class business environment that allows enterprises to invest, start businesses and develop with peace of mind, and build an “enterprise-friendly urban area”. The road to high-quality development!

Mr. Wang Xuechun, vice president of Minsheng Securities Co., Ltd., said in his speech that AVCiT Technology, which is listed today, has remarkable benefits, advanced management and broad development prospects. He firmly believes that the listing of AVCiT Technology will definitely bring new development opportunities to enterprises, new investment opportunities to investors, and new vigor and vitality to the capital market. As the sponsor and lead underwriter of Guangdong AVCiT Technology Co., Ltd., Minsheng Securities Co., Ltd. will conscientiously perform the responsibility of continuous supervision, and ensure and promote the healthy development of the company within the scope of its duties.

Mr. Fang Hua talking

Mr. Fang Hua, chairman and general manager of Guangdong AVCiT Technology Co., Ltd., on behalf of all employees of the company, expressed his gratitude to government leaders at all levels, regulatory authorities, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, investors from all walks of life, intermediaries and partners for their strong support.

AVCiT Technology is a leading provider of distributed audio-visual products and solutions in China. The self-developed ASE computer screen coding technology realizes low-latency transmission of visually lossless image quality under low bandwidth. High-quality presentation, and image application technology that meets low bit rate transmission, has a strong competitive advantage. The company’s products are widely used in emergency management, smart city, public security command, electric energy, rail transit, judicial prison, meteorological three defenses, and other fields.

Today, the company’s A-share listing is of great significance to the company’s development. With the participation of the capital market, the company’s development will also be further accelerated. In the future, we will take the A-share listing as an opportunity to integrate resources, gather talents, further increase R&D investment, comprehensively enhance the company’s core competitiveness, expand more business scenarios, and reward investors and society with excellent business performance.