K Video Matrix Switcher – 144×144

AVCIT MIX Series 4K Modular Matrix switcher is designed for routing multiple audio and video signals to various displays and video walls, which is mainly used in large command centers, government video conferencing, extensive screen display engineering, dispatch centers, etc.
  • There are 5 configurable matrix chassis/enclosures, HD144144-4K is the enclosure for Video Matrix Switcher – 144×144
Image ProcessingFull Advanced FPGA architecture
Bandwidthup to 6 Gbps per channel
ResolutionSupport 3840×2160@60 and downward compatibility
Video formatHDMI, DVI, VGA, SDI, AV, IP, H.265/H.264, HD-BaseT
Maximum presets18
Power-down memoryYes
Power-off site protectionYes
Channelmax. 144 channels IN & 144 channels OUT
Communication PortRS232 x1,  RJ45x1
ProtocolHDMI 2.0 (part), HDCP, DVI 1.0, RS232, UDP
Transmission Distance120m over CAT6, 20km over fiber optic
Power Supplyredundancy110-220V PSU
Dimension752x433x875mm, 19″ rack-mounted
Control Room

Schematic of Control Room


Network Operation Center (NOC)


Transportation Operation Center (TOC)


Airport Operation Center (TOC)



Q: What should I do if the physical cables and ports become loose over time?

A: Considering that some cables are easy to wear and off over time, AVCiT designed a metal clip for each coder for fastening cables with ports, which is also our patent on the market.

Video Wall Controller

Q: What is the difference between AVCIT’s Video Wall controller over IP and other traditional matrix switchers?

A: Traditional Matrix Switchers is modular with input and output cards, while AVCIT video wall controller over IP is a pure network infrastructure solution, easy to configure and connect by CAT. Encoder connects to the input source while Decoder connects to the video walls.

Q: Does the AVCIT IP video wall controller require a centralized PC server?

A: No. AVCIT IP Video Wall Controller is a decentralized solution without requiring any centralized PC for management. It is connected by Encoder and Decoder, and requires only one GB Lan switches.

Q: How many signals can one coder control on an LED or LCD video wall?

A: Each AVCIT coder can open up to 16 windows on your video wall, and there is no quantity limitation for sources.


Q: How much bandwidth is needed to transmit the signal by the AVCiT encoder and decoder? How about picture quality?

A: It only requires a 4-20Mbps, AVCIT encoder, and the decoder is H.265/264 coding tech owns patented ASE encoding tech, and has 2K and 4K solutions.

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