KVM & Video Wall Control Room

Network Operation Command Center installed in Manila

The Network Operation Command Center of Alorica Philippines, located in Manila, has implemented a state-of-the-art Visualized LCD Wall Control & KVM System. This advanced system features a 2×8 LCD wall, along with a standalone display, 6 workstations, and 2 consoles. Operators have the convenience of remote access to all workstations through hotkeys, enabling seamless control and management. This setup enhances operational efficiency and facilitates real-time monitoring and decision-making. The installation of this cutting-edge technology demonstrates Alorica Philippines’ commitment to maintaining a high-performance command center for their network operations.


The Network Operation Command Center of Alorica Philippines is a cutting-edge facility located in Manila.

NOC for Singapore OCBC Bank in Bandung

The Network Operation Center for OCBC Bank in Singapore, located in Bandung, Indonesia, is a state-of-the-art facility powered by AVCIT LCD Wall Control Solution over IP. With 33 LG 49″ displays and more than 10 remote video sources, this center offers comprehensive monitoring capabilities. Operators can conveniently preview real-time content and easily manipulate the video wall layout using multi-point touch. The AVCIT solution ensures seamless control and flexibility, allowing for efficient management of critical operations. OCBC Bank’s commitment to advanced technology and operational excellence is evident in this sophisticated Network Operation Center.

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