What is KVM over IP

Learn about the concept of KVM over IP and knowing how KVM over IP products benefit the society.

Before we talk about what “KVM over IP” is, let’s learn about what KVM is. KVM is short for [Keyboard, Video, Mouse], which is a control system that can control many sources. It’s like a computer, but it got many hosts and the hosts can be from a long distance.

control room schematic

The concept of KVM over IP

kvm over ip

KVM over IP means that the KVM system is connected through Internet Protocol. We could control different sources far away from the hosts’ base location through the Internet. The host sources are all connected and you could call out any host you want, even many hosts at once.

KVM over IP Products

There are a lot of KVM brands out there. Not only serve the base KVM function but also develop their own niche highlights.

kvm over ip

Well-known KVM over IP brands:

  • AVCiT – The 1st listed AVoIP company in China, taking the majority market share of the Chinese audio-visual market. Patented with ASE coding technology and AI gesture control technology.
  • Crestron – Crestron has been the leader in creating innovative technologies that remove barriers to connection, collaboration, communication, comfort, and control.
  • ATEN – ATEN specializes in connectivity and management solutions for accessing and sharing technologies and consolidates all its products and services.
  • Blackbox – Black Box is a trusted IT solutions provider delivering cutting-edge technology solutions and world-class consulting services to businesses around the globe.
  • Rextron – Rextron International Inc. has dedicated its abundant development experience and design ability to the market of Digital Signage, KVM, and AV product integration.



Thanks to the KVM over IP products, we could apply a more advanced control room nowadays. The products are used in any scale control rooms and data centers. Integrating resources, collaborating, saving costs, and responding is the reason why people love it. And it keeps benefiting Public Security, Transportation, Industry, Aviation, Energy, and Utilities.