2K KVM Decoder – (HDMI+DVI)

The H. 265-based DSIII 2K KVM Decoder (DVI-I/VGA) is designed to receive FHD video + USB-HID + RS232/485 + IR over a standard 1GB IT network, with low latency and high image quality. It would be configured as a KVM decoder to combine as an integrated and visualized Video Wall Controller & KVM over IP System, and Operators can use Hotkey to get remote access to the PC servers.


Video Port HDMI OUTx1 (with patented locking kits), DVI OUTx1
USB Port USB2.0 x2 (for Keyboard mouse,Ukey,USB disk,USB camera)
Audio Port MICx 1
Control Port RS232 x1, IO/IR x1
Network Port RJ45x1, Fiber Optic x1
Resolution Support 1920×1200 ,1920x1080i and downward compatibility
Procotol H.265/264, RTSP, ONVIF, HDCP and HDMI 1.4B compatible with DVI 1.0
Bandwidth 4~20 Mbps configurable for per video streaming
Transmission Distance 90 meters over CAT6 cable or 10 km over fiber
Audio Control audio matrix switching, audio mixing, embed and de-embed feature.
Power Supply PoE (802.3 AT) or 5V 3A Power Adapter(Dual power supply)